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Thank You so much for considering a donation! Any and all donations are greatly needed and appreciated. 

What does my donation go towards?

Veterinary/Farrier Care

All of our rescued equines receive the best veterinary and farrier care. Vaccines typically cost between $10-$100+ depending on the vaccine itself, Exams cost around $45+, X-Rays cost around $70+ each, and a barefoot farrier trim costs $40 !!!

That doesn't even include seasonal dewormers, dental care, pain management, and so much more! When equines arrive, they are placed into quarantine where we monitor them and make sure they are not carrying any sort of illness before allowing them to mingle with our herds. During this time, equines typically need antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories to treat upper respiratory infections and sinus infections. 


Each and every one of our equines is fed 2-3 times a day depending on the age, condition, size, and season. Most of our equines receive a mix of grain and forage pellet while others are supplemented with nutritional supplements and/or extra forage. All equines are given hay 24/7 if outside or hay 2x a day if they're in a stall. We spend a hefty amount (we will spare you the number) on grain and suppliments each month. Hay is averaging around $45-50 per round bale and between $7-11 per square bale. In the winter, hay is necessary in order to maintain weight! These numbers add up!

Bail/Auction Price

We typically rescue our equines through kill pens and auction houses unless the horse/donkey/mule is surrendered to us. Auction and kill pen prices currently average around $200-600 for a donkey/small mule and around $800-1200 for a standardbred (which is what we mainly focus on unless there's another breed that needs us). If you are interested in pulling from an auction/kill pen or surrendering an equine, please contact us via the message button or email us at

How to Donate:

Donations can be made via the following methods:

PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay, Check, or Cash. 

If you are interested in donating, please contact us using the message button, our Facebook page, or email us at

Thank You!


Disclaimer: We are currently not a registered 501-c3 nonprofit organization.

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