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About the Farm

Here at New Journey Farm, we work to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses (mainly standardbreds), ponies, donkeys, mules, and sometimes goats! The majority of our rescues come from kill pens, auctions, owner surrenders, and other unfortunate situations. 

What We Do

We work the the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, Walk With Me Healing Steps, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, and independently to rescue equines and help them find loving, forever homes. 


How It All Started

Back in March of 2018, we rescued our first kill pen horse. Lily was listed as a 15 year old mare. Upon her arrival, we had her seen by our vet, who aged her at 30 years old! Lily also has cushing which makes it difficult for her to gain and maintain weight. After Lily, we rescued a few more until the summer of 2020 when we partnered with the Standardbred Retirement Foundation to help rescue, rehab and rehome retired standardbred racehorses. 


New arrivals come in often and are usually adopted quickly! Get your application in soon to make sure you will be ready when the perfect one comes along! 

Interested in adopting? Click the link below to look at our available horses, donkeys, ponies, etc.!

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